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Plot[ edit ] The Zeta Project follows the exploits of Zeta and Ro as they attempt to prove that he is genuinely non-violent, whereas the NSA agents pursuing him believe that the terrorists he was investigating before going rogue have reprogrammed him for some unknown purpose. To prove his innocence, Zeta and Ro search for his creator, the elusive Dr.

Zeta project

Agent Lee is a mixture of this and Deadpan Snarker. Conscience Makes You Go Back: There are three with Batman Beyondthe very show it spun off from.

The end credits usually run over a still of Zeta and Ro running taken from the opening titles ; for the Series Finale they accompany a picture of Dr. On both the heroic and villainous sides.

Agent West and Zeta are the worst offenders, being respectively the most naive members of their teams. Although more brightly colored than Batman Beyondit manages to qualify by a landslide. It shoots up a public place while disguised as Zeta his common holographic overlay, that iscausing Batman to chase Zeta again.

Used and justified in-show. Sentient robots suffer from this, big time, despite this being the DCAU where such a thing is certainly not without precedent.

Especially true in the No-Tech village. Friend to All Living Things: Just about every episode in the first season ends with Zeta and Ro looking at an item from the past and getting misinformed ideas on what they were for, such as thinking that diaper pins were actually used to pin the diaper to the infant and that egg timers were used to time the hatching of eggs.

Government Agency of Fiction: His holographic disguise was sometimes treated as this, sometimes not. A scientist gets flash-frozen, then Zeta explains that he must thaw the man slowly or the shock will kill him.

The NSA target Zeta only because they are convinced he is dangerous to society. I Am Not a Gun: In addition, his statement that "I decide who I want to be" could count as this. I Have Your Wife: I Want My Jetpack: There are future hippies and protestors who want space travel to be available to the common man, not just rich people.

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I Want Them Alive: Add on to that the fact that they want to know why he went rogue. When Agent West fires on Zeta in the first episode, he gets in big trouble with Bennett. The back cover blurb on the DVD broaches the topic directly: Played straight in their interactions with superheroes as the NSA is notorious for secrecy and complex planning while superheroes in the DCAU are very much public figures and their actions are widely known, in addition to the lack of planning most heroes end up employing.

Bennet outright breaks the law several times just to continue his chase, simply because Zeta was literally designed to infiltrate any organization and gets through those barriers a lot easier than he can. Kid With The Remote Control: Bucky Buenventura, an initially malevolent one who uses his universal remote to control Zeta against his will.

Zeta project

The "criminalizing poverty" variant was used in the episode " Hunt in the Hub ," where anyone who runs out of money is immediately hunted down by the security guards as a vagrant.The Zeta Project was a DCAU animated series that was spin off the Batman Beyond episode "Zeta", which introduced the character.

Based on the concept by Robert Goodman, The Zeta Project focuses on Zeta, a killer robot that refuses to kill, and Ro Rowan, an runaway orphan, both looking for their Starring: Zeta, Ro, Agent Bennet, Agent West, Agent Lee.

The Zeta Project is an animated series that ran from to It was a spinoff of the Batman Beyond episode " Zeta ". Infiltration Unit Zeta was built by the government to replace and .

"The Hologram Man" is the second season finale of The Zeta Project. Contents[show] Plot Zeta shows Ro a top secret NSA debriefing outpost—hidden in plain sight, with synthoids going in and out. Disguising Ro as a fellow synthoid, they sneak through the complex.

Zeta explains to her that he use Animation Services by: DR Digital Co., LTD. The Zeta Project. likes. A fan page dedicated to the Batman Beyond spin-off The Zeta Project, which ran for two seasons on Kids WB from January Watch The Zeta Project 2 Online.

the zeta project 2 full movie with English subtitle. Stars: Kurtwood Smith, Diedrich Bader, Michael . The Zeta Project, a spin-off from DC Comics' blockbuster series Batman Beyond, chronicles the futuristic adventures of Zeta (voiced by Diedrich Bader of The Batman), a renegade government-designed robot, and Ro (voiced by Julie Nathanson of Speed Racer), his year-old streetwise companion.

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