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Two descriptions

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Two descriptions

The same main set as night one, with only minor differences in performance e. The big addition on this Two descriptions night was a brief opening acoustic set, roughly an hour-and-a-half before the main show started at 9: This three-song soundcheck set had Bruce running through a couple of Hank Williams tunes and telling the crowd, "Welcome to the Asbury Opry!

You like the holiday classics? Or you were in the mood for a new song? Kudos to the Max Weinberg 7 who only rehearsed for two days but were incredibly tight. They were onstage for almost the whole show along with the newest girl group sensation, the Redheaded Women backup singers. Bruce started the song on piano, then joined by the horns.

Springsteen and other friends jammed on oldies with house band the Gotham Playboys. Springsteen took a moment before "Land of Hope and Dreams" to give thanks: Night ten, the last show of the tour, and the longest at three-and-a-half hours. Another tour premiere provided a fitting epilogue to the E Street reuinion: But for the second-to-last show, night number nine was remarkable for the intense, rock-solid energy Bruce and the band brought to the stage rather than for the setlist.

Rider" and "Jenny Take a Ride. The second half of the Garden stand begins, with ultra-rarities "Does This Bus Stop," performed early in the set, and "Sandy" in the encores. The first Garden show without "Code of Silence"-- but another new song took its place! Night five also brought the tour debut of "Secret Garden," plus choice rarities "Something in the Night," "Sherry Darling," and, oh yeah, "Incident on 57th Street.

Two descriptions

Night three brings a hell of a tour premiere: The final stand begins. And after all the fuss over "American Skin 41 Shots ," Springsteen opened the stand with a different new song--the world premiere of "Code of Silence. After months of soundchecking, the first new songs make the set since the debut of "Land of Hope and Dreams" at the beginning of the tour.

Not one but two world premieres: Next stop, Madison Square Garden For his first show in Vegas, Bruce took the stage wearing a silver-sequinned cape-- immediately confirming bets that this one would be a little different. The concert opened and closed with "Viva Las Vegas.

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The tour premieres of "Roll of the Dice" Vegas, here we come! Quite a setlist especially for night one of two: One guy in particular was clearly excited about it, jumping onstage for "an everlasting kiss" during "Born to Run.

At long last, Bruce and the E Street Band make it across the border for their first Canada show of the tour-- a basic setlist for night one of two in Toronto. Five songs from Born in the U. Finally, after quite a few soundchecks, "Human Touch" has its tour premiere!

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No Patti again tonight. Did anyone expect "Mary Queen of Arknasas" to show up again? Not to mention the tour debut of "Better Days".


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