Tuberculosis a disease making a comeback essay

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Tuberculosis a disease making a comeback essay

Why is TB so dangerous? One of the main dangers of TB is its rapid method of transferring infection from one person to another making it very contagious.

The bacteria travel through the air in droplets and are inhaled into the body. This is when the bacteria are in the body, but remain inactive.

In this state, the person is not infectious and they cannot transmit TB to other people. Only when TB is in the active stage, does it have the potential to infect others. However, even people with inactive TB require medical attention to prevent the bacteria being triggered at a later stage.

Tuberculosis a disease making a comeback essay

In addition, you are only likely to catch TB if you are living with or working with someone in close proximity on a frequent basis. This is even more likely where people live in overcrowded and insanitary conditions. Tuberculosis can affect many areas of the body Source Do you think world governments should do more to curb the increase of TB by increasing funding for new forms of drugs?

Recommended for you Tuberculosis is contagious when it's airborne and can be inhaled by others. In general, kids are not considered contagious, and usually get the infection from infected adults.
Short essay on Tuberculosis : Its causes, symptoms and prevention Tuberculosis TB is an infectious disease caused by a germ bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Measles, tuberculosis, bubonic plague? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Plague Think this notorious killer died with the Middle Ages?

They should provide more funding since this is a world wide problem. Perhaps the countries who have the most cases should be supplying the funding for new drugs. No, I think the governments are doing as much as they can and have to prioritise resources in the present economic climate.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis - the bacteria that causes TB Source Tuberculosis on the rise? A few decades ago it was believed that Tuberculosis, along with a number of other deadly, infectious diseases had almost been eradicated. However, here in the 21st century.

Tuberculosis a disease making a comeback essay

At the present time, most cases of TB are confined to poorer countries especially in Africa. Nevertheless, new cases are being reported daily from areas such as China and India.

We are not immune in more developed countries either. However, the media have also levelled criticism at the UK Government after further figures showed that London was now the TB capital of Europe.

Due to stringent health precautions other European countries have actually managed to reduce the TB infection numbers, but the UK Government is being accused of complacency. In addition, the disturbing facts are that TB is evolving in a similar way to other superbugs that are building immunity to anti-biotics and other drugs.

These people have severely compromised immune systems that allow the TB bacteria to infect them. In turn these unfortunate people also pass on the disease to many others.

In addition, the amount of people moving around our planet has increased significantly over the years. As a result, bacteria such as TB are also carried around with them. On the positive side when TB is caught early enough and long term treatments are provided, then the recovery rate is still good.

However, WHO report over 8. In addition, there is a huge gap in the funding required to bring forward research and new drugs that could actually prove good enough to eradicate this disease once and for all.

However, since the funding gap still stands at 1. Will we win the battle? Only time will tell.The disease is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a rod-shaped bacterium.

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Symptoms of TB include coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, chills, and fatigue. Tuberculosis is an airborne infectious disease caused by different strains of mycobacterium commonly referred to as mycobacterium tuberculosis.

It is a very widespread infection and among the . Annual tuberculosis mortality is between two and three million people, making this disease the most common infectious cause of death in the world (JAMA, ). Most tuberculosis cases and deaths occur in developing countries, notably in Asia and Africa/5(5).

5 Old-Time Diseases That Are Making a Comeback. Tuberculosis Leading up to the discovery of the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis, this scourge killed one out of every seven people. - Tuberculosis and Its Pathogenic Processes Abstract Tuberculosis is the most deadly infectious disease in the world and is transmitted either by the inhalation of M.

tuberculosis, M. bovis, M. africanum, M. microti, or M.

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avium bacteria, i.e. the respiratory route. Diphtheria is making a comeback in the former Soviet Union. Tuberculosis -- which never really went away, though upscale opera buffs might have thought it was confined to productions of "La Boheme" -- is once again a threat in urban centers, including New York City.

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