Time management workbook

Think about some of the great innovators of our time, like Richard Branson, Bill Gates or Arianna Huffington — these people all have the same number of minutes in a day as you do, but they seem to accomplish a great deal more. The most limited resource we have is time. Feel like you need additional help mastering time management tips? Even the most successful people turn to others for support.

Time management workbook

We want learning and work to be innovative, collaborative and fun. More to make learning fun: The Mayo Jar Divide the group into teams and give them each a large glass container. The material can be rocks, stones, gravel, sand etc.

Time management workbook

But you can use anything. The larger materials should be placed in the container first and then followed by the next to the largest, and so on… In this order you should be able to fit the most into the container. You can come to your own conclusion for the activity based on your need.

The rocks due to size would be the most important items to complete. Then stones would be every day has to finish items. Gravel can be the projects that need completed.

Sand could be the extra work that was just assigned to you. I allow the groups to fill their own container without detailed instructions.

I tell them to fill their containers with as much materials as they can. And then we talk about the order they selected. If they had an order…and what the materials represents to them…etc. I use this communication to lead into training. Mayo Jar materials can be found here. Posted online by Darlene Bailey For a video that exemplifies this exercise, click here or here.

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The only restrictions are that they cannot bank any money and if they do not use any of the money they lose it. We then discuss why and how they spent the money the way they did.

I then tell them that are the number of seconds we have each day and that as often as possible they should consider spending their time on things that are important to them as they did with their money.

Start with the following questions: If the life span of an individual say years each cm is one year. The response will be no only 70 to 75 years, then cut 25 cms of the ribbon and throw away say its 75 years. What is the average age of the participants sitting here, response would be 25 to 30 depends on the group, in that case cut another 25 cms of the ribbon say that is gone you cannot do anything.

What is left is 50 years? Every year we have 52 weeks, that is 52 Sundays. If we multiply that by 50 years, it comes to 7.An exclusive course workbook: A digital copy of Lee's best-selling book Time Management Magic; A downloadable audio version of the entire program to listen in the car; The audio book version of Lee's Time Management Magic book.

Page 3 Time Management Workbook INTRODUCTION. Watch the Introduction video (Duration ) Completed. 1. This workshop will teach you 5 skills: Choosing, Arranging, Flexicuting, Tracking and Focus. Which skill are you most interested in learning and why?


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What time management tools do you currently use? 3. Download our FREE time management tips worksheets today and start mastering your schedule today. Free Downloadable Time Management Worksheets - Each time management worksheet will help you increase productivity, boost efficiency, and organize your day.

Say: During upcoming meetings we will spend some time working on time management. Time management refers to the range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage events in your life in relation to time.

You have shared a few ways that time can be lost.

Time management workbook

During the next few weeks, you will explore some strategies. This change in focus leads to massive, meaningful changes in your life and instills some of the best time management tips into your regular routine. Over time, these tips on time management will become ingrained in your schedule and, eventually, feel like second nature to you.

TIME MANAGEMENT TIP 3: TIME TARGETS. A workbook on time management and self-management 2 The time-waster test Go through the following list of the 31 most significant time wasters or time pitfalls and check the .

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