Term paper on bluetooth technology

Nowadays, the research on Bluetooth technology is carried out by Bluetooth SIG — a group of companies which include Microsoft and other companies which work on the development of the wireless technologies. The major task of Bluetooth technology is to provide an economical, rapid, cheap and safe wireless radio connection between several devices, such as cell phones, laptops, printers, etc. Bluetooth is economical, because the technology does not consume much energy, which does not cause the exhaustion of the accumulator of the device. The technology is cheap and safe, because the user does not have to pay for this option as the radio connection is free and does not cause harm to the human organism.

Term paper on bluetooth technology

Technology and Viking The Bluetooth wireless technology was conceived by engineers at Swedish telecommunications manufacturer Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson hereafter, Ericsson who realized the potential of global market for short-range wireless communications.

In Ericsson had begun a project to study the feasibility of a low-power, low-cost radio interface to eliminate cables between mobile phones and Term paper on bluetooth technology accessories.

The customers clearly prefer to purchase and deploy technologies based on industry standards.

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By creating a level playing field, standards give customers greater freedom to choose from among competing platforms and solutions, to protect their investments as technologies evolve. Against this backdrop- that the technology was more likely to be wisely accepted, if it was adopted and refined by an industry group that could produce an open, common specification- Ericsson inventors moved to form a Special Interest Group.

The Special Interest Group In earlyleading companies in the computing and telecommunication industries formed the Bluetooth SIG to focus on developing exactly such an open specification.

Term paper on bluetooth technology

These companies formed the original core group known as promoter companies of the SIG. The SIG was publicly announced in May with a charter to produce an open specification for hardware and software that would promote interoperable, cross-platform implementations for all kinds of devices.

As the specification evolved and awareness of the technology and the SIG increased, many other companies joined the SIG as adopters; adopters are entitled to a royalty-free license to produce products with Bluetooth wireless communication based on the specification and can receive and comment upon early versions of SIG publications.

By carefully organizing the SIG and making use of frequent in-person meetings supplemented by even more frequent conference calls and e-mail exchanges, the SIG produced a thorough specification in about one and one-half years- version 1.

Initially, the SIG organized itself into several working groups, each with a focus on a specific part of the technology or on some supporting service. These working groups included: The Name- Harald Blatand The Bluetooth name is derived from a Danish Viking and King, Harald Blatand Bluetooth in English who lived in the later part of 10th century responsible for uniting and controlling Denmark and Norway hence, the inspiration on the name: Anecdote has it that old Harald had inclination towards eating Blueberries, so much so his teeth became stained with the color.

Short-range wireless Today much of short-range communication takes place over cables. These cables connect to a multitude of devices using a wide variety of connectors with many combinations of shapes, sizes, and number of pins.

Voice and data Voice is now commonly transmitted and stored in digital formats. Voice appliances such as mobile telephones are also used for data applications such as information access or browsing.

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Through voice recognition, computers can be controlled by voice, and through voice synthesis, computers can produce audio output in addition to visual output. Anywhere in the world The telecommunications industry is highly regulated in many parts of the world.

Telephone systems, for example, must comply with many governmental restrictions, and telephony standards vary by country.

Many forms of wireless communications are also regulated; radio frequency spectrum usage often requires a license with strict transmission power obligations. Moreover, wireless connectivity among a plethora of fixed and mobile devices can enable many other new and exciting usage scenarios beyond simple cable replacement.Bluetooth Developed by Bluetooth Special Interest Group Industry Mobile personal area networks Compatible hardware Mobile phones, Personal computers, Laptop computers Physical range Up to 60 metres[1] Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short-wavelength UHF radio waves in the .

Bluetooth technology is being used extensively in hand-held devices and wireless computing [Pico Communications] because of its characteristics mentioned above.

We will write a custom essay sample on Bluetooth Technology specifically for you. Bluetooth is a specification for a wireless technology, developed by members of the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group).

The SIG was founded in February , and initially consisted of the five companies Ericsson, Intel, Toshiba, Nokia & IBM.4/4(1).

Term paper on bluetooth technology

Bluetooth is the technology of the wireless connection, created in by the group of companies: Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Toshiba. Nowadays, the research on Bluetooth technology is carried out by Bluetooth SIG – a group of companies which include Microsoft and other companies which work on the development of the wireless technologies.

Bluetooth technology provides a meter personal bubble that supports simultaneous transmission of both voice and data for multiple devices. Up to 8 data devices can be connected in a piconet, and up to 10 piconets can exist within the meter bubble.4/4(1).

Excerpt from Term Paper: BluetoothTM is a low cost, low power, short-range radio technology- originally perceived as cable replacement alternative for the cable / wire connected devices such as mobile phone hand, headsets, and portable computers.

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