Same gender marriage essay

Abstract The issue of same-sex marriages has attracted a lot of debate in the 21st century as various groups come out in open to demand for their rights. Researchers have been keen to point that using the constitution to legalize same-sex marriages can cause more problems for society. It is from this standpoint that this research has added towards the opposition on amending the constitution in favor of gay marriages. Based on already existing research this paper concludes that from a religious, moral, and ethical standpoint, gay marriages should never be legalized through constitutional amendments.

Same gender marriage essay

December 10, To: Your introduction should emphatically state what your essay is going to be about. The recent legalization of same-sex marriage is a great step forward not only for gay people but for human rights in Australia. Same-sex marriage redefines what marriage means and legitimizes homosexuality, which is immoral.

Whether you are talking up the pros or the cons, you should start by making an outline of your reasons, which will then form the body of your essay.

Arguments for Same Sex Marriages

Make sure you back up your reasons with plausible evidence, anecdotes, or appeals to emotion. If necessary, you can concede a point or two to the other side; this helps your argument as you then look fair and reasonable. Body paragraph examples Pro: Every person has the innate human right to have a legalized relationship with the person they mutually love, gay, bisexual, or straight.

Same gender marriage essay

Australia recognizing this right is a positive thing for all people, as it means everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, is treated equally in the eyes of the law. The redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples is actually a good thing.

Men can keep houses, women can be the main breadwinner. And it means that same sex couples who need such rights as next-of-kin rights, the right to visit their loved one in the hospital, or the right to have their loved one make decisions on their behalf, are now treated fairly.

The Bible says that there are specific roles for men to play in a marriage and specific roles for women to play. Throwing those roles out the window is equivalent to the moral breakdown of society. To be against same sex marriage is to be against the depredation of Australian society in general.

The future is bright for gay people and all those who love them. Australia passing same-sex marriage into law was a blow for all decent people.

Contact your senator or representative today!Same Sex Marriage Essay Examples. total results. An Introduction to the Importance of the Legalization of Same Sex Marriage in the United States.

2, words. 5 pages. Same Sex Marriages Should Be Allowed in All Fifty States.

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words. 2 pages. Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal Essay - The debate surrounding same sex marriage, while becoming a widely recognized issue within the past couple years, . Free Essay: While many people oppose same-sex marriage, there are really no valid reasons against it.

If your daughter told you she wanted to marry another. Official unions between same-sex couples, indistinguishable from marriages except for gender, are The White House website lists same-sex marriage amongst a selection of civil rights, along with freedom from employment discrimination, equal pay for women, and fair sentencing for minority criminals.

- Same-sex marriage is a marriage between two people of the same gender. Being born into a more liberal generation, I was taught that anyone should be entitled to be with whom they want to.

It is only obvious that I am strongly in favor of . Same sex marriage is known as a marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or gender.

Same gender marriage essay

It is one of the most controversial yet sensitive topics that have been discuss around the world. It is one of the most controversial yet sensitive topics that have been discuss around the world.

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