Oxbridge graduates essays

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Oxbridge graduates essays

Sam Richardson 21 Comments on Debate: Imagine yourself as the business big dog, sitting opposite an eager Oxbridge graduate looking for a job. They got a solid 2: So you ask them: Who writes essays in real life anyway? In fact that sort of thing is rather looked down on. Returning to our hypothetical situation, the struggling Oxbridge applicant launches into an earnest discussion of Proust, Marx or some crap like that.

Acting intelligent used to be all the rage, in those heady days before the banking crisis. This clearly brings us onto tutorials. Any Oxbridge student knows the tried and tested method: The poor man got so frustrated he had to take a fag break.

I can understand why. At this point in the job interview the desperate applicant whips out their secret weapon — a minor position in Lawsoc! Thus we come to the crux of the matter: Yes, Sam, we write a whole load of essays.

Okay, so I may have just come out of a Philosophy tute, but I have a point. Anyone who has visited friends even at the likes of Bristol and Edinburgh can tell you that the level of time and effort spent on their degree per term is equivalent to what we do in around two weeks.

The Oxbridge graduate knows the value of hard work, we do it all the time. Is sleeping in until 3pm every day an employable trait?

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Are we prepared for the real world if we spend countless hours watching Made in Chelsea on 4od? I may not need to know whether or not I am a brain-in-a-vat in real life, but at least the nine-to-five nature of working life will not present me with a huge change in my lifestyle and, if anything, may be a welcome relief.

We may not really be superior in our intelligence, nor in our breeding.Oxbridge Essays Ultimate Guides These guides have been written by some of our top academics and will help you in all aspects of your dissertation project.

Oxbridge graduates essays

Click on any below to view its contents. Another is grupobittia.com, which admitted that it sold essays to several thousand students in the UK last year - of which more than five percent were Oxbridge students.

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Oxbridge graduates essays

Oxbridge students have taken to Facebook to express their disgust, pumping out hundreds of dazzling last-minute essays peppered with tendentious facts and semi-relevant references that successfully convey an apparent aura of knowledge.

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