Nirma bath soap strategy

Adi Godrej takes a moment to gather his thoughts before answering. The question is about a research finding on the opportunity in the toilet soaps market. At that point, Lifebuoy was still the largest selling soap in India and with other brands like Lux and Rexona, Lever was sitting very pretty. Top of the pack Hindustan Unilever continues to hold sway with two top selling brands A challenge from Nirma, which had entered this segment inwas brewing.

Nirma bath soap strategy

Today Nirma has over employees and a turnover of over Rs. InNirma's detergent approachedtonnes — one of the largest volumes sold in the world — under a single brand 'NIRMA'.

The company had multi-locational manufacturing facilities, and a broad product portfolio under an umbrella brand — Nirma. The company's mission to provide, " Better Products, Better Value, Better Living " contributed a great deal to its success. Nirma successfully countered competition from HLL and carved a niche for itself in the lower-end of the detergents and toilet soap market.

The brand name became almost synonymous with low-priced detergents and toilet soaps Slide 7: Nirma realized that it would have to launch products for the upper end of the market to retain its middle class consumers who would graduate to the upper end.

However, analysts felt that Nirma would not be able to repeat its success story in the premium segment. Nirma is one of the few names - which is instantly recognized as a true Indian brand, which took on mighty multinationals and rewrote the marketing rules to win the heart of princess, i.

Karsanbhai Patel, is a classic example of the success of Indian entrepreneurship in the face of stiff competition. Starting as a one-man operation intoday, it has about 14, employee-base and annual turnover is above Rs. The man behind the success of Nirma phenomenon — Dr.

Karsanbhai Patel is a recipient of various awards and accolades.

Shri Karsanbhai has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Florida Atlantic University, Florida, USA in the year in recognition of his exceptional accomplishments as a philanthropist and businessman.

This world has also recognised his ability, acumen and wisdom and in recognition of the services rendered by him in his various capacities.

In scorching heat ofa son of small-time farmer was trying to mix Soda Ash and few other intermediaries, to make a detergent produce.

He was a qualified Science graduate and was working as junior chemist in Government laboratory. As a moonlighting activity, he was making detergents in the Sq.

Once the mixture is ready, he used to pack them in polythene bag and was selling door-to-door… Gradually, the product became well accepted in the consumer community, and the rest is known to one and all… This is a success saga of a first generation entrepreneur, on his way to create history in the Indian marketplace - that was Dr.

In a short span, he captured the domestic market, with a quality product. He swiftly crafted low-to-medium consumer pockets — a whole new consumer segment for detergent category. He took on mighty multi-nationals and rewrote the marketing rules.

From initial days, Nirma believed in value-for-money equation, in creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships.

Nirma is a customer-focused company committed to consistently offer better quality products and services that maximise value to the customer. This customer-centric philosophy has been well emphasised at Nirma through: Laying emphasis on cost effectiveness.

Maintaining effective Quality Management System. Complying with safety, environment and social obligations. Imparting training to all involved on a continuous basis. Teamwork and active participation all around. Demonstrating belongingness and exemplary behaviour towards organisationits goals and objectives.


Nirma is a phenomenon and synonymous with Value for Money. The brand transcends the specific dynamic of any particular product category, which is best captured in its above mission statement - a statement of sustained innovation, an unceasing effort to deliver better value to consumers, through better product quality.

Contd… Corporate Social Responsibility:: Patel is the founder trustee and President provides education, maintenance of public health and related facilities in rural areas.

The new yellow powder was priced at Rs. Karsanbhai Patel Slide Soon, there was a huge demand for Nirma in Ruppur GujaratPatel's hometown.Nirma Beauty Soap With its market promise to offer “Better Bath Soap Toilet soap market in India was dominated by a very few MNCs which could monopolistically price their product.

Nirma entered this market with the launch of ‘Nirma Bath Soap’/5(15). Superior Marketing Strategy Product Positioning: Nirma found its place between the expensive detergents and inferior Nirma Bath Soap Nirma Lime Fresh Soap Nima Rose Nima Sandal Edible salt Documents Similar To Nirma Case Study.

Indian Entrepreneur: Karsan Bhai 5/5(3). Nirma's foray into the toilet soaps category was launched with Nirma Bath Soap, a carbolic soap which positioned itself against the largest selling carbolic soap brand, Lifebuoy, from the Hindustan Lever stable - at half the latter's price.

A Project Report on Indian Bath Soap Industry. CASE STUDY - Nirma v.s Hul Documents Similar To Case Study on Nirma Ltd. Nirma Case Study. Uploaded by. Sanjay Burkhav. Case Analysis on Nirma PPT (1) Future Strategy Planning of Nirma. Uploaded by.

Madhav Dixit. More From alliswellb. India Has a Number of Problems. Uploaded by. In , sensing a strong need to expand the market through Penetrative Pricing, Nirma entered this market with the launch of ‘Nirma Bath Soap’, which is a carbolic soap. Although the carbolic soap segment is on decline, Nirma Bath has generated larger volumes each year.

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Nirma bath and Lifebuoy. The prices of this brand soaps range from Rs.

Nirma bath soap strategy

5 to Rs. 8 per 75 gms. 2. Popular soaps The biggest share in the soap market, popular soap have a market share of 55%. Advertisement Strategy: It project the soap which could make the face and whole 4/4(8).

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