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Neiman marcus

Photograph, Portrait of Herbert Marcus. The Neiman Marcus Company was established in as a local specialty store and has become an internationally recognized innovator in fashion and merchandising.

The founders of the store were Herbert Marcus, his sister Carrie M. Neiman,qqv and Carrie's husband, Abraham L. Harris and Company; Sanger and Harris were the two leading department stores in Dallas at the time.

Neiman had also been in department-store sales and had met Carrie at the Harris store. The opening of Neiman Marcus took place under unpromising conditions. The country was in the midst of an economic recession known as the Panic of Both Carrie and Neiman marcus Marcus missed the opening; Carrie was in the hospital recovering from a miscarriage, and Herbert was at home with typhoid fever.

Neiman Marcus tried to differentiate itself from other stores, such as Sanger Brothers and A. Harris, from the beginning. The founders emphasized that Neiman Marcus was not a Neiman marcus store but a specialty store, featuring women's outerwear and millinery.

Marcus and the Neimans stressed high-quality, ready-to-wear items in an era when clothing was usually one or the other. The store also developed a reputation for high prices as well as high quality, even though its founders depended primarily on the sale of medium-priced items.

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Photograph, Portrait of Harold Stanley Marcus. The store grew up along with Dallas and with Texas. The store's wealthier clientele represented mainly the cotton aristocracy of East and north central Texas. Later the oil-rich of East and West Texas added to Neiman's growing reputation regionally and nationally.

During the s two notable developments took place. Stanley Marcus, Herbert's eldest son, joined the business in ; "Mr. Stanley" later assumed leadership of the company. In a combination of business and personal disagreements led to the end of Al Neiman's association with Neiman Marcus.

The Great Depression of the s did not hit Neiman's as hard as it did other firms in other parts of the country. The store had just completed a major expansion when the hard times began. Neiman's suffered relatively small losses only in and and by had returned to predepression levels of sales and profits.

An important factor in this growth during the depression was the discovery in of the East Texas oilfieldwhich produced a new group of millionaires and Neiman's customers. World War II led to a general economic boom in Texas and another expansion of the store.

As a family-run operation, Neiman's was much affected by the dislocations of the war. Despite wartime restrictions and shortages, Neiman Marcus retained its reputation for high quality and personal service. The postwar period led to major changes in Neiman's operations.

In Herbert Marcus, Sr.

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Expansion also took on a new meaning. In Neiman's opened its first branch store in Dallas and also expanded its main store.

It opened a Houston branch in By the late s Neiman's had four stores in operation-two in Dallas, one in Houston, and one in Fort Worth-but desire for continued growth was blocked by a lack of capital.

In the decision was made to merge with the California-based Broadway-Hale Stores, which later merged with yet another retailing group to form Carter, Hawley, Hale, Incorporated. Neiman's, with outlets across the nation, became part of the specialty-store division of the parent company.

In the company was restructured, and General Cinema became the majority shareholder of Neiman Marcus.

Neiman marcus

In May Allen I. Questrom succeeded Richard Marcus as president.Neiman Marcus Dip definitely isn’t a healthy dip, but it sure is delicious! I love the almonds in this dip, but I think pecans would be just as good, maybe better.

It’s not necessary, but if you toast the almonds, they’ll have even more flavor. Welcome to the Neiman Marcus channel. We are an iconic American retailer founded in in Dallas, Texas. We are the ultimate destination for the top names Views: K. Mon. - AM - PM: Tue. - AM - PM: Wed.

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- AM - PM: Fri. - AM - PM: Sat. - AM - PM: Sun. - PM. The Neiman Marcus Group has signed an office lease for the entire sixth floor of 42 W.

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39th St. between Fifth and Sixth avenues. The luxury-goods retailer will use the. Six luxury retailers — Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Last Call, Horchow, CUSP and — make up the Neiman Marcus Group.

For over a century, we have continually transformed and elevated the luxury shopping experience, . This service is set to disconnect automatically after {0} minutes of inactivity. Your session will end in {1} minutes.

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