Mantsios class in america

Myths and Realities" the author G. Mantsios advances a few hypothesis about the differentiation of contemporary society in the U.

Mantsios class in america

By comparing the myths and realities of the American dream of equal opportunity, Mantsios defends his claim. By examining economic data, diving examples of various social classes and their class privileges, and discussing how race and gender greatly affect the lives of Americans in the workplace, Mantsios establishes a plethora of sources which he uses to define his thesis.

In America, economic data can show the massive differences between the rich and poor. It shows that the idea of equal opportunity is not true. If every person wanted to become successful and be free from poverty, they would be able to in an equal opportune society.

However, they are not able to. By continuing to show economic statistics, Mantsios further qualifies his claim. He also notes that when there is a boom in the economy, the income of the rich greatly increased where the income of the middle and lower class only increased slightly.

Gregory mantsios class in america essay

Since the majority of Americans fall into the middle and lower class brackets, the few flourish while the many barely get by. By using many examples of economic differences to show that Americans are not equal economically, Mantsios illistrates his claim.

Class privileges are what a person is more likely to get from his economic status: Mantsios tells the brief life stories of people from an upper, middle and lower class standing.

By chronicling their lives, Mantsios shows that the upper class man, Harold S.

Mantsios class in america

Browning, succeeds very far to become the executive vice president of a digital instrument company because he had a wealthy family. From the time he was born he had good schooling and advanced tutoring in foreign language and mathematics.

He was able to go to a highly renowned preparatory school and continued on to an Ivy League liberal arts college. This propelled him to a very highly paid job to which he is chauffeured.

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His whole life was focused on becoming a better person academically and economically because his family was wealthy enough not to worry about finances. In contrast, Mantsios describes Cheryl Mitchell. Raised by her grandmother, while attending public school in Brooklyn, Cheryl works as a babysitter rather than improve her academics.

Due to lack of funds, she quits her community college at 17 to work at a bakery.

The difference between Harold and Cheryl is that their lives are directly related to the wealth of their parents. Harold could focus on his schooling and business skills to better his future as an employee whereas Cheryl had to drop out of school to work, just like she had throughout high school.

The American dream is a collection of ideas that say that hard work and determination will lead to success no matter your economic status: Though there are four myths, the primary myth is that everyone from any social or economic background has an equal chance to succeed.

Being a minority or female greatly increases you chances of being poor in America. Can anyone give me their opinions on how to make this better?Annotated Class and Classism Bibliography Annotations come from Class Action staff, or excerpted descriptions by “Publisher’s Weekly,” “Library Weekly,” “Booklist,” and other reviews.

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Class in America: Gregory Mantsios In the article, "Class in America", Gregory Mantsios (Myths and Realities ) shows us how what class a person is in affects his or hers life more than they think. Oct 09,  · Class In America Gregory Mantsios: Class in America In the article, Class in America, Gregory Mantsios explains the various distinctions between the .

Apr 04,  · In the article, "Media Magic: Making Class Invisible," Gregory Mantsios examines how the media manages to essentially minimize the plight of impoverished peoples and erases the working and poor classes from the messages we recieve.

Mantsios describes the many ways in which the media accomplishes the erasure of class from the public discourse.

Mantsios class in america

Please take notes as you are reading this article and publish them here. You could either paraphrase the points in your own words or quote them directly here. Author Gregory Mantsios “Class in America” in , has many different ideas on the way economic class is. Social standings and consequently life chances are largely determined at birth.

Individuals who have gone from rags to riches abound in the mass media, statistics on class mobility show these leaps to be extremely rare (Mantsios).

Class in America: Gregory Mantsios - Essay