Magnetic writing alphabet board

Magnetic Letters and Animals Toddler toys that are magnetic are often a big hit. Why not get some letters and let the learning happen naturally through play? Your biggest decision is which type of letters are best suited for your child.

Magnetic writing alphabet board

You can find all sorts of materials there that make your classroom more interesting and effective.

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One such material is a magnetic alphabet. For just a dollar you get 26 building blocks for language that your students will love using and will learn from every time they do.

Plus you get great versatility. Have one or two students make one or more words from the magnetic letters, or have everyone in your class make one word. Then challenge one or more students to put those words in alphabetical order. Not only will it reinforce that concept, it has the added bonus of reviewing spelling and possibly learning new vocabulary.

Your students must find the letters to make up the words on your list. Again, this reinforces spelling and also gives you an opportunity to introduce new vocabulary. This is particularly good for beginning students whose handwriting in English may need extra work.

Give each person one or more words that he has to spell with magnetic writing alphabet board magnetic letters. Then scatter the letters around your classroom either singly or in small piles. Make sure you have enough letters to spell all of the words you hand out. Students race around the room to find the letters they need to spell their words.

Once they find them, they sit down and spell out the letters on their desks or on the front board. Give them an example where you use different colors of magnetic letters for each syllable in a multisyllabic word.

When students see the different colors, it will reinforce how the word is pronounced.

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Then give them one or more words that they have to spell the same way, using a different color for each syllable in the word.

Then show students that just by changing the first letter of the word, we can make many related words all spelled similarly and ending with the same sound. You can also give students the end of a word and challenge them to find other words in that family by choosing different letters to start it.

Then students go through the letters they have and decide which ones make English words using a dictionary to check. They may discover that bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, etc. At a learning center, put out some play dough, your magnetic letters, and a rolling pin.


Make a set of magnets depicting your current vocabulary. Simply make a color photocopy for each word from a picture dictionary or other source on card stock, if possible. Stick a little magnet on the back available in rolls at your local craft store and put the picture magnets with the letters on a magnetic surface in your classroom.

Students put the picture magnet on their magnetic surface and spell the vocabulary next to the picture with the alphabet letters. Print out a list of all twenty-six letters of the alphabet. Put the magnetic alphabet in a bag.

Students draw a letter from the bag one at a time and mark it off their list. They keep pulling letters until their entire alphabet is marked off. Put your letters in a bag and draw one for the activity. Display that letter where everyone can see it.

Students must then think of all the vocabulary words they know that start with that letter. Define or explain unfamiliar words as students volunteer them or as you add them to the list. Put several sets of magnetic letters in a bag.

Each student playing the game pulls seven letters from the bag. Students take turns making a word from the letters they have pulled. Each word must connect with a word that someone else has already played on the magnetic surface.

Once someone makes a word, he pulls the correct number of magnetic letters to keep his total at seven. Playing this way challenges your students to use new vocabulary, practice spelling, and learn new words, but it takes away the stress that comes with points and keeping score as in the traditional game.

magnetic writing alphabet board

A few simple packages of magnetic letters can be more useful than you realize in your ESL class. The next time you see some on the shelf, pick some up and bring them in for your students. Try one of these activities with your class, set up a learning center, or encourage students to find their own ways of playing with the letters.Product Description.

These alphabet worksheets include a variety of letter activities. There's a section for tracing each letter (both uppercase and lowercase), one with a picture of an object that starts with each letter, a section to find and circle all of the letters, and a writing section to practice handwriting skills.

Jan 26,  · DIY Alphabet Learning Board My son is starting to show an interest in learning letters so I created an alphabet board for him.

I found the large board shown in the photo at Michaels craft store. I love this board because it is magnetic and dry-erase. The third way this board can be used is for letter writing practice. Since this Author: For the Love of Learning. Download ABC - Magnetic Alphabet HD for Kids and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

‎Play with your kids and teach them to write with the Magnetic Alphabet! It's the iPad edition of the old fashioned magnetic board suitable for kids of all ages!Price: USD.

Spelling sight words with magnetic letters is a super simple, hands-on way for kids to practice spelling and reading sight words. Grab the magnetic letters and a dry-erase marker and your are good to go!

Jan 26,  · DIY Alphabet Learning Board My son is starting to show an interest in learning letters so I created an alphabet board for him. I found the large board shown in the photo at Michaels craft store. I love this board because it is magnetic and dry-erase.

I glued flash cards onto the board that I purchased for $1 at For the Love of Learning.

magnetic writing alphabet board

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