Immersive of multimedia

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Immersive of multimedia

Attendance this year was particularly high, with over registered participants from all over the world. Since its inauguration inthe MMSys series has provided an opportunity for researchers to present and share their latest research in multimedia systems.

MMSys covers interdisciplinary research, spanning across the following system domains in the context of multimedia data types: In particular, MMSys is the home of researchers who explore: While building on the successful format of past MMSys conferences, MMSys introduced some novelties and extended previous successful initiatives.

The main objectives we Immersive of multimedia like to highlight are: First of all, the format of the conference slightly changed from past years by including four prestigious workshops: Secondly, we strived to facilitate diversity and inclusion. PV included three sessions on new media applications, content coding, and media streaming.

We also continued and expanded initiatives that were successfully introduced in With the goal to further grow the community and to broaden the scope of the conference, we included five special sessions on the following topics: The aim is that in the coming years such special sessions will become core areas of interest.

In addition, we continued to support recent efforts for scientific reproducibility. We are delighted to see that MMSys has become a venue that is of high interest to the research community.

This was expressed by a total of submissions 56 for the research track and 59 combined for the special sessions.

Immersive of multimedia

Out of the submissions a total of 30 papers were accepted for publication. As in previous years, a high standard was applied for the review process.

For the research track, each paper received a minimum of four reviews, while for the special sessions, each paper received at least three reviews. Authors also had the opportunity to rebut the reviews, and decisions were taken based on the reviews, the rebuttal, and the discussion between the reviewers.

Obviously, establishing such a rigorous, double-blind review process would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the program committee. This demonstrates the importance of open science to our community.

The proceedings, highlighting ACM reproducibility badges and best paper awards, can be found here: Here you can find the full organization committee of the conference. On June 12th, the conference started with four excellent overview talks:Back Immersive Blog Virtual Universe News Back Steam Oculus HTC VivePort Home About Team News Immersive Blog Virtual Universe News Downloads Steam Oculus HTC VivePort.

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Immersive of multimedia

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