Essay writing identity theft

Essay on identity theft Essay on identity theft Your identity is said to be the key to your life. Once it is stolen, you will have a hard time rectifying it.

Essay writing identity theft

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Identity theft form of cyber-crime was identified by Golladay and Kristy 6 to have started in the early 21st century when it became indispensable for individuals to use personal bits of information in making online payments or social activities.

For identity theft to occur, the fraudster has to collect personal information of the target victim that can be maliciously used to impersonate the victim and carry out business on behalf of the victim. The success of the identity theft depends on the victim letting down their guard by Essay writing identity theft less vigil and strict on the need to have tight security measures for all online transactions.

For example, through the internet based internet platforms, individuals do not have to present physical evidence or presence to gain access to funds or products. In the modern day business world, the use of a physical signature or need to see the signatory has been replaced by the use of codes.

Identity theft examples A good example to illustrate what the identity theft entails is the numerous cases of impersonation in the social media platform of internet.

A fraudster can collect images of the target victim, create a fake social media account under the name of the target victim. Identity theft is often accomplished under the scenario that the malicious person gathers enough personal information about the target victim which then can be used to act maliciously on behalf of the victim.

To collect the personal information, the fraudsters can use several methods such as physically stealing the information or through the virtual platform of hacking Insurance Information Institute.

The idea is to collect enough information that can convince a third party to release funds or oblige to the commands of the fraudster. The result of identity theft, in most cases, is always the same, regardless of how the fraudster obtains the personal information.

The outcome is in the scope of the fraudster authorizing or acting on behalf of the victim for their personal benefit, either monetary or revenge.

Identity theft cases Jennings 42 identified that identity theft fraudsters normally targeted their victims by four main demographics of age, social, economic class, computer users with poor passwords and people using shared computers.

Research indicates that the age bracket of years is likely to be targeted. The above is due to the statistics that depict the age bracket as to be highly active in online shopping. Additionally, the age bracket does not have much experience on how to go about protecting their personal information.


The criminals target wealthy victims because they are likely to have more funds in their credit cards accounts. The wealthy groups also conduct multiple shopping activities using their cards, and it is thus easier for fraudsters to convince third parties to release funds.

The group of people using public computers is appropriate for the fraudsters because the fraudsters get an easier platform to dig for personal information. Victims who use the cyber as a platform for accessing their credit cards account are at a greater risk Insurance Information Institute.Identity theft is very serious and stolen identities are used to commit many other crimes.

Some of the specific types of identity theft besides personal identity theft, include tax related identity theft, business related identity theft, child identity theft, and medical identity theft.

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A well-written identity essay tells the reader how you view yourself as well as the role in finding that identity related to the people and experiences in your life.

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Essay writing identity theft

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Essay writing identity theft

Standpunt pvv euthanasia essay essay papers for sale write an essay on rainy season section of companies act analysis essay forbidden archeology essay ministry of justice publications research paper article essay paper good animals to do a research paper on. By filing an identity theft report, it can help get fraudulent information removed form a person’s credit report, stop a company from collecting debts that result from identity theft and help a person recover from the identity theft.

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