English portfolio for primary students

At their most basic level portfolios can simply be a storage strategy.

English portfolio for primary students

This week, educator Kathleen Modenbach reflects on her use of a streamlined writing portfolio assessment that was beneficial to her and her students -- and didn't mean a lot of extra work for her! Share your favorite writing ideas! As I hurried before semester grades were due to grade writing portfolios -- each with six essays!

It's extra work for me, yes, but the more my students write, the better their writing becomes.

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Their voices have emerged in their writing, and I am proud of their efforts. Portfolios have become a major element of assessment reform. They were a new concept to me this year. During my yearlong sabbatical, I had thought about how I might approach writing portfolios, but I had foolishly forgotten the labor involved in frequent essay grading!

There must be a solution to all that end-of-quarter reading and grading, I prayed. Sure, some teachers had taken to assigning shorter essays to counter the impact on their time that portfolio grading takes.

As a writer, though, I know frequent writing is better.

English portfolio for primary students

Still, I could not imagine tackling that huge pile of portfolios at the end of every grading period. At the end of the first quarter, I swore I'd never do it again. That's when I began thinking about alternative approaches. After considerable thought, I concluded that I didn't have to grade all six essays thoroughly.

I came up with an approach that streamlined procedures and cut grading time. The end result is a thorough grading process that is beneficial to everyone involved. This second quarter, my students' writing portfolios included six essays with revised rough drafts -- but, unlike last quarter when I graded all six essays equally, I had students select one essay to be graded more thoroughly than the others.

That single essay would be worth 50 percent of the portfolio grade, I determined. The successful completion of the other five essays made up the other 50 percent of the grade. That was not the end. I came up with other ways of saving time at the end of the quarter. In the last couple of weeks before portfolios were due, I used our weekly writing period to check my students' five essays and to offer advice to them that would help as they readied their selected essay for my review.

That way, students knew what half their grade would be before they submitted their final portfolios. I had only the chosen essay to grade. The benefits of my new approach to the portfolio process have far exceeded my fears of extra work. The greatest benefit is that my students have become better editors of their best essays.

In addition, All of this portfolio work and grading takes place before exam time. That alleviates end-of-quarter grading stress! Students try to complete each week's writing assignment in a single class session.Students in the Social Studies Teaching Program each create a professional portfolio that corresponds to national standards in the preparation of secondary social studies teachers.

This page provides a link to students who have started their portfolios in Social Studies , Introduction to Social Studies. College english portfolio examples work for employers subnetting explained for dummies short essay on importance of technology writing camps for high school students in michigan what happens if you plagiarize in college air force assignments importance of school education dog training science fair projects spell check pro forma balance.

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Many teachers have turned to digital portfolios -- or "e-portfolios" -- for their students. These digital portfolios have caused a huge shift in how teachers assign, collect and assess student . Well-designed learner portfolios provide students an opportunity to chart their growth and tell their story.

Here's eight tools that schools are using to promote deeper learning by encouraging students to build a collection of personal bests.

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Portfolio In English. Submitted to: Miss Aileen Rosario English Teacher Submitted by: Maria Guada Rica H. Guerrero Documents Similar To My English Portfolio. The Students Portfolio I.

Uploaded by. Jose Lema. Student Portfolio Instructions.5/5(7). Look for literature from other English speaking countries (there is lots and lots) to give your students a richer variety of work written in the English language.

grupobittia.com (above) for instance has a whole section on Asian and Indian writers.

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