Compare shopping online with traditional shopping essay

Background information about online shopping market 1. This chapter includes the background of this research whith includes the definition of e-commerce, e-retailing and their relative merits; the current situation of online market, especially introduce the multi-channel retail retailing, that encompasses definition of multi-channel, challenges retailers might face and the great potential of this retail style. E-commerce takes place between companies between companies and their customers, or between companies and public administrations, Whiteley, While Koty said that:

Compare shopping online with traditional shopping essay

New to Online Shopping? Find out all the information you need to ensure your first trip online is a safe and successful one. Traditional Shopping The advent of the Internet has had an impact in our lives in all sorts of ways such as in the manner in which we communicate, flirt, date, and most importantly, how we shop.

When retailing on the web started, sometime in the middle to the late s, it gave rise to the debate which is still ongoing, about online vs. And even though shopping centres are still being thronged by shoppers, just as they do on the Internet, the question still remains — Whether online shopping will conquer all, or if traditional shopping will survive this increasing onslaught of e-shopping?

One of the main advantages of shopping online is the elimination of the need to drive somewhere Compare shopping online with traditional shopping essay buy something. So, no frustrations of dealing with traffic snarls and no parking problems. Besides, you could use up half your petrol merely shopping for the stuff you want.

With the price of petrol being what it is these days, the money you save by shopping online will often be enough to pay for a few items or gifts you were thinking of buying. Online shopping saves precious time.

With the busy lives that most of us lead these days, anything that saves time is a boon. When you shop online, it will take you about a minute to log on to the Internet, about a minute or two more to access the website of the store of your choice, it may take another ten to fifteen minutes to select the items you want to buy, and about five minutes more to fill in the information about your payment and get a print out of your receipt.

It would take you just about thirty minutes to do your shopping. Imagine all the things you could do with all the time saved, like spending quality time with the kids, or perhaps even catching the movie you have been meaning to see.

Online shopping offers a sense of ease and comfort; as opposed to trudging all through the highstreet hunting for the things you want. You can truly understand the difference between online vs. You have to struggle your way through crowds of jostling people, wait in queues to make your purchase, and you usually have to go from one store to another to find some item you may be looking for.

And that is one of the main problems of a traditional shop. Usually, if you are looking for a particular item, you will find only limited choices of it. Having a limitation of shelf space, brick and mortar shops simply cannot afford to provide large varieties of products.

Compare shopping online with traditional shopping essay

For them, it makes economic sense to fill the limited space on their shelves with items that sell most. These products may not necessarily be the best, but probably are the ones that are marketed the best.

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Online stores, on the other hand, do not have this problem of limitation of shelf space. Hence, an online store can have innumerable varieties of a particular product, which would use up negligible hard drive space.

With suppliers providing same day shipping facility, virtual stores need not even carry the stocks of all the items, hence they require no shelf space for warehousing either.

Since online shelf space happens to be so plentiful and cheap, it means online shops can also cater to particular niche markets.

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For example, an online store can afford to sell just intercom systems such as video intercoms, wireless intercoms, wireless infant monitoring systems and the like, which would not be possible for a brick and mortar retail store.

Even if it were located in a large city, while it would perhaps sell some intercom systems, the sales would not be able to cover the overhead expenses involved in brick and mortar stores. This is where online stores win hands down against brick and mortar stores.

Compared to a building made of brick and mortar, online websites are incredibly cheap to set up. And to top it all, unlike a building which is accessible only to the people of the locality, websites are accessible to the whole world.

When you shop online, you have the ability to scroll quickly through several stores to locate the item you want to buy. Most of these websites are very user friendly and simple to navigate through.

All of which implies that the advent of online shopping has provided consumers the facility of making infinite choices in getting exactly the product they want. The demand and supply bottle-necks of the past no longer exist; hence everyone has access to everything.

The next important factor of online vs. You will hardly ever find actual sales when you shop in a traditional retail store. Whereas, when you shop online, you can hop from one store to another, comparing prices.Online shopping is always quite tricky, you have to look at the prices and compare them to the other sites to be sure you are not paying way to much for the goods you want.

In my opinion internet shopping is a good and usefull invention. Convenience. The main reason for the popularity of online shopping is the convenience it provides. A September study by the Deloitte accountancy firm showed that 47 percent of those polled intended to use the Internet rather than or in addition to brick-and-mortar stores for their holiday shopping.

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Online shopping disadvantages essay vs traditional There are the kinds that always maintain a flawless new wardrobe for the season, no matter what the price. There are the kinds of shoppers that make impulse buys, only to return the item a few days later.

Bean: Traditional Shopping Essay Online shopping is a new technological method for purchasing varied products from a particular source by young generation.

Juvenile were very fast adopting this process for purchasing electronic gadgets and much more. Essay online shopping vs traditional shopping best solutions for you! We will use cloud infrastructures have their artifacts helper homework myspace unblock reviewed by others for instance, american pchological association.

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