Compare contrast film vs play antigone

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Compare contrast film vs play antigone

The Plot Antigone is a tragedy. It contains the following elements: A tragic character is of noble birth and endures a mighty fall on account of pride. They are both of noble birth; they are both proud; they both endure a mighty fall. Creon gets the edge as tragic character insomuch that he recognizes his foolishness too late.

Antigone understands her fate from the beginning. Fate plays a major role in Greek Tragedy. Fate plays a major role in Antigone. This is not a coincidence. The gods intervene, usually to punish the tragic character. In Antigone, the gods punish Creon for enacting unjust laws.

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Major Conflicts Understanding the major conflicts in Antigone is necessary for understanding the play. Society — Antigone fights the establishment in order to expose an unjust law an ancient appeal to Natural Rights.

Not only is she battling Creon, who decrees Polyneices should not be buried, she battles the social customs of the time that assumed women were the weaker gender and, therefore, unfit for politics. Person — Antigone battles Creon, insomuch that he represents the state. She also battles her sister Ismene, who attempts to persuade Antigone not to bury her brother.

Creon also argues with his son Haimon and Teiresias. Their fate wills them to destruction. Self — Ismene initially decides to not help her sister, yet claims responsibility afterward.

She is torn between following her conscience or following the law. Creon also must relent in scene 5 although he does not want to. The Prologue The Prologue: Antigone informs Ismene that she will defy the law and give Polyneices burial rights the dead deserve.

Ismene attempts to talk her out of it.

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Upon the death of Oedipus the King, his sons Eteocles and Polyneices are to rule in alternating years. When his year is up, he decides he likes being king with a little influence from Uncle Creon and does not abdicate the throne. A Civil War ensues. The fact that Antigone acts alone against the wishes of the king and against the social customs that considered women inferior, makes her more heroic.

Scene 1 Scene 1: His speech contains an extended metaphor calling Thebes a ship of state and that a king and his citizens must put the state above all. His test comes immediately as a sentry informs him that Polyneices has been buried. Creon must establish the legitimacy of his rule and does so by establishing a no tolerance policy regarding the burial of Polyneices.

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Yes, some of the differences between the written and the viewed versions of the play 'Oedipus Rex' may be the same time, no, others may not be significant, particularly in regard to.

Compare/Contrast Essential question: How does an audience’s experience differ when they are exposed to Romeo and Juliet on paper vs.

Compare contrast film vs play antigone

Romeo and Juliet on film? Specifics: Write two or three paragraphs that compare and contrast the various versions (one textbook/audio, three films) of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Act V. Unit 2 Compare and Contrast Text Possibilities • The Wave by Todd Strasser (or film dir.

How are the differences between the play and the film 'Oedipus Rex' significant

by Dennis Gansel) • Night by Eli Wiesel • A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess Short Stories: • Antigone vs. Of Mice and Men A Ticking Mind Resource Title.

The Greek playwrite, Sophocles, wrote many exceptional plays. One of these is Antigone. The play is named after Oedipus's daughter, although it is primarily about her Uncle Creon.

Creon is the focal point and it is his misjudgment and pride that causes /5(20). Create, study, print, share and download millions of flashcards.

Compare and contrast how Antigone and "The Game" develop the protagonist and King Oedipus and his daughter Antigone are the stars of these plays, which dramatize the incredibly bad luck suffered by generations of one royal family.
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