Can justice exist in this world

How can a good God allow evil in the world? An all-powerful, perfectly good God must not exist, because if he did he would prevent all evil. There are two standard answers to this objection, both of which ultimately fall short.

Can justice exist in this world

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Submit Too big to fail Law enforcement and the court systems are so big that they can barely be held accountable any more. I was arrested and held for 4 days; when I was the one being terrorized.

I called the police 2 weeks before the 'victim' grabbed a hold of the front of my shirt and threatened me- and I spit at her. I know it sounds gross, but this person would not leave my house, threatened to kill herself, I bought her a plane ticket to go back home- she did- then came back To my place of work.

I had to quit, leave my house, had most of my things broken. I called the police two weeks before, and they said If I wasn't planning to have this person arrested, they wouldn't come out. This person was a loaded canon; attempted suicide.

Does justice exist? |

They dismissed the charges, but only because the 'victim' got a case of the conscience. I spent 4 day in jail; and the jail let her in to visit, even though they had a 'no contact' order against ME! This was F-ing insane! I was also held in a detox tank for 3 hours, when I passed breathalyzer, field sobriety, was not swerving, had 1 drink all evening they followed me out of a jazz club that serves alcohol.

I was stopped for no reason, at midnight; coming home from work.

Can justice exist in this world

State patrol stopped me, frisked me, insisted I keep my hands out where he could see them, looked inside my car.

When I asked why he stopped me, he said 'someone said a car matching mine was seen swerving'. Anyone who says that law in America is just, has been living like a hermit, and doesn't get out much.

Probably a good idea that they don't.There is No Justice in Our World.

Can justice exist in this world

July 24, July 24, Those who control the institution will dictate what is just or not, not some universal moral code that doesn’t exist.

In the real world nobody cares about you unless you have power and influence. There is no pity for the weak losers. “The court doesn’t exist to give them justice But to give them a chance at justice.”-Galvin (Paul Newman), The Verdict America suffers from superficial assumptions about not only our criminal laws, but the details of individual cases.

“Justice” is a human construct, like most features of human society. In the sense that some concept of fairness and justice is something that is a part of essentially every known human society, yes, it does exist.

Rampage Exists In A World Where Justice League Was Good

Dec 25,  · Can justice exist without humans? A Hegelian would say that since the Absolute is the summation of the working out of justice in the world of history.

Justice in a world without human would be potential but never realized. Good enough? Yahoo Man · 1 decade ago. 0. Thumbs up. Resolved. Justice and freedom do not exist, but not because the concepts are false, but because justice and freedom are not things, things are extended in both time and space, and at best, concepts have only extension in time by virtue of being thought.

Dec 24,  · can justice exist without humans? so let's say that every single human in the world is dead. does justice exist? and if so, how?

i don't want any basic answers. looking for some philosophical/or intelligent Resolved.

How can a good God allow evil in the world?